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Handmade with love
& served with passion

Lahmacun and Pita


Welcome to the enchanting world of Kallavi, where the magical Orient meets the artistry of baking, paving way to delightful and dreamy taste experiences. Our brand was founded in 2001 with the strong desire to serve the Halal market with products of unparalleled quality. Not only does this principle still holds true today, but also, we have grown far beyond that.


Even while still deeply rooted in its oriental heritage, Kallavi evolves into a brand that is a delight to all customers, regardless of their religious beliefs. Our products, known for their unique flavors and exceptional quality, have secured a special place in German supermarkets.


Our selection includes mouthwatering delights such as Lahmacun, available with either beef or in a vegan variation, Pide with cheese and beef, Manti, Börek, and Köfte. Each of our handcrafted baked goods is infused with our heart and passion.


Step into our world, immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of Eastern magic and masterful baking, and savor the exceptional tastes that Kallavi has to offer. We extend our warmest welcome to you and look forward to sharing unforgettable moments of culinary joy together.

Kallavi Lahmacun Pide Börek Manti Köfte



Kallavi is more than just a brand. It is a promise, a melody that floats in the air and tells stories from the Far East. A commitment to quality, authenticity, and an unwavering passion for exquisite culinary experiences.

As an ambassador of the Orient, we represent the fusion of tradition and modernity, of respect and openness. Quality, authenticity, and the enthusiasm for good food are values we live by every day.

Our products are for everyone, regardless of their cultural or religious background. That's why respectful communication and a considerate approach are essential to us. Our dedication to quality is not only evident in our products but also in how we interact with our customers and partners.




Our brand values focus on quality, authenticity, and passion. We respect and promote cultural diversity and strive to bring the magic of the Orient to life in every piece of our offerings. These values are the guiding thread that directs us through our work and that we express in every interaction with our customers.



Our communication is open, transparent, and inviting. Every interaction, whether online or in real life, tells a story that reflects the heritage and culture of the Orient. We strive to celebrate and promote the diversity of our origins through our communication.


Kallavi offers more than just products - we provide a culinary experience. Our customers step into the world of the Orient, discover rare flavors, and enjoy a journey that appeals to all senses. We believe that good food is more than just taste - it is a memory, a connection, and a joy.

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